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Our History

Since 1991, CMS has continued to focus on flexible service and technological innovations.  Dennis Furlow began CMS in a garage with a passion to provide quality work at a reasonable cost by understanding our customer’s needs and applying resourcefulness and determination in meeting those needs.


CMS  started as a one man shop with manual equipment serving one industry but has grown into a company that employs a substantial workforce utilizing  high-tech CNC equipment. We now serve many industries and continue to expand into new ventures.   We have grown primarily by word-of-mouth recommendations from our satisfied customers.  As customer contacts have transitioned from company to company they have taken CMS with them.  We value this as a testament to our relationships that we have nurtured by serving our customers with a pursuit of excellence and ease of communications.


Our future vision is to further increase our production-precision machining capabilities and to continue our focus on quality improvement.  This includes our on-going commitment to excellence in providing high-grade components that meet your expectations at a competitive cost while delivering on-time service.



Dennis Furlow, Owner
Dennis Furlow, Owner
Chautauqua Machine Specialties, LLC