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Quality Assurance

CMS quality ratings are superior in our industry.  We continue our dedication to continual quality improvement so that our customers can be confident in our excellence. We are committed to providing a quality precision part the first time.  
Our toolmakers, having pride in their pursuit for superior quality, emphasize prevention.


We have developed a system of traceability and accountability that assists in the detection of nonconformance. A First Article Inspection is conducted on every production component manufactured to ensure that all parts are inspected thoroughly. Continual inspection of components predicts possible problems during initial production stages.  All employees are responsible to halt production if a possible variation is detected. This allows us to efficiently control any nonconformance at its earliest point.


Our persistent pursuit of excellence will ensure ongoing customer satisfaction and allow us to stand out in our field. 


Coordinate measuring machine
Our new coordinate measuring machine is an important part in our quality assurance program.